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The Mister and Miss Basketball Award is presented each year to the senior player who has exhibited outstanding skills throughout his/her career, has made a significant impact on his/her team, has demonstrated respect for the game through leadership on and off the court, has epitomized the values of sportsmanship and has been a positive school and community citizen.


Mr. and Miss Basketball Selection Process
1. There will be a five person selection committee for the boys and girls. Each will have three media members, (one from the North, South, and Central regions) and two retired coaches (one from the East and one from the West). The committee will be chaired by the MABC President, who will not vote.
2. Nominations for Mister or Miss Basketball will be on a signed ballot. This ballot will be separate from the McDonald's Senior All Star voting ballot. Each coach will be allowed to nominate up to ten players. The players should be ranked with the coach's #1 choice receivng the greatest weight.The nomination process should be completed two weeks prior to the start of the of the B-C-D tournament. The ballots will be sent to the Selection Committee chairperson for final tabulation. A ten-player (10 boys and 10 girls) will be provided to the Selection Committee prior to the B-C-D tournament. From that list the committee will determine three finalists that will be announced at the McDonald's All Star press conference.
3. Each selection committee will continue the evaluation process through the end of the Class A tournament. The winner of the Mister and Miss Basketball Award will be announced at the McDonald's Senior All-Star Banquet.
4. Boys coaches nominate boys, and girls coaches nominate girls.
5. Coaches may not nominate their own player.
6. Schools must be paid MABC members to qualify.